TES Capital Traded Endowments Singapore
TES Capital Traded Endowments Singapore

Low Effort, Low Risk, Moderate Return

What Are Traded Endowment Policies?

Traded endowment policies, also known as second hand endowments, are procured by TES from the original policy owner when they choose to encash or surrender their policy. After we ensure that each policy is free from encumbrance, TES makes the best of these endowment policies available for takeover by sophisticated investors.

Traded endowments are gaining popularity in Singapore as a low-risk, high-yield and easily-accessible option for portfolio diversification and long term wealth protection, and provide an alternative to traditional investments in bonds, stocks and fixed deposits.

You benefit in several ways when you buy a traded endowment policy

  • Short maturity - ideal if you need to pay for your child's university education in 5-10 years' time.
  • Diversify your portfolio into a low-risk, low effort investment with a moderate return.
  • Higher compounded returns compared to purchasing a new policy, as you save on distribution costs.
  • No health limitation and no age barrier, unlike the typical requirements for buying a new policy.

Investing in Traded Endowments

Our pool of Grade A traded endowment and life insurance policies are procured from individual policy holders who do not wish to continue with their policies.

When you buy over one of these plans, you're investing in policies which are free from front-loaded distribution costs (i.e., agency fees). You will receive a full cash pay-out from the insurer once the policy matures or the insured person passes away.

Depending on the remaining tenure of the policy you purchase, you'll enjoy up to 7% annualised returns per year.

How Traded Endowment Policies Work

Buy Traded Endowment Policies in Singapore

"My friend told me about TES and it was the right time as I was planning to open a fixed deposit account. Traded endowment plans are good for me as I would like to put my cash to good use while maintaining the assurance that I'll get my money back at the end.

You guys are doing a great job and service, keep it up!"

Ong Siew Fai, 33

What Makes Traded Endowments So Attractive?

Excellent capital preservation

Tax-free returns

Higher yield than new policy

Shorter time to maturity

No health check or questionnaire

No maximum age limit

Transparent and compliant

Hassle-free process

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"I was doing research on Singapore savings bonds when I stumbled on traded endowments. After speaking to Shawn I felt confident to purchase 3 of these traded endowment policies as he carefully helped me select policies suitable for my needs.

I'm delighted to get the extra percentage returns which amounts to several thousand dollars of extra passive income each year. Highly recommended!"

Rebecca Lim Hui-En, 46

I have no hesitations in recommending you to others

Thank you TES Capital for the sound financial advice to support our savings and investment portfolio.You were patient to listen to how we wanted to diversify.You definitely did not offer cookie-cutter solutions. I am grateful that you went the extra mile to customise something that I really need.Thank you and I have no hesitations in recommending you to others.

Ng Kok Leng

Thank you Shawn for making my investment dream a reality. I am very happy.

Shawn has been very helpful and even go to trouble of calculating, checking and presenting whether a policy is worthwhile investing. He is also patient and understands my needs. I even recommended my sister and with Shawn's help managed to get myself and my sister a policy that suits our needs. My sister and myself wanted a product by a financially stable company so that we can grow our investment more than 4% given by Retirement Account. Shawn made the entire process as easy as just being the best part of a celebrity (just need to sign a lot), while also helping to ensure policies are assigned asap. Thank you Shawn for making my investment dream a reality. I am very happy with the policies chosen for myself and my sister and I'll be back! 🥰🤩

Beth Leong

There are currently no MAS administered regulations which govern the sale, purchase and distribution of Traded Endowment Policies and Traded Whole Life Policies. TES Capital Investments Pte Ltd is therefore not required to be licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore or any other applicable regulator in Singapore. Our company does not hold itself out as being licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated in respect to any of our activities. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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